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Oooplayer is a lightweight music player with which you can enjoy your favorite albums and have a good listening experience, comfortably and hassle-free. In addition to the fact that it's easy to use, this tool gives you the possibility of listening to dozens of radio broadcasts. So, you'll be able to access both your own content as well as that of others.

You won't have any problems managing your library, since you'll be able to see all the tracks on your playlist by simply clicking on the drop-down. You can delete any unwanted song with just a click of the mouse. The tool bar, used to change or pause a song, can be found on the upper part of the screen next to the information related to the CD.

Additionally, you'll be able to look up the songs' lyrics if you'd like, using three different sources:,, and Because you can read them as you listen to your favorite songs, the program works as a kind of makeshift karaoke.

Using the radio option, you'll have access to a ton of broadcasts, be they related to music, news, sports, or other specific topics. You also have the option of recording anything you want. So, if you're interested in a particular program and know you will not be at home, you can let Oooplayer record the show for you so that you can listen to it later.

This tool is definitely a great option for listening to your music in the simplest, most comfortable way possible. When you want to search for something new or listen to something different, you can always use the search option to look for tons of different radio shows. Oooplayer is a program that can be adapted to whatever you want in any given moment.
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